The mission  of the Arizona Book Coalition (ABC) is to provide cooperative marketing support, education resources and process leadership to develop a vibrant and active publishing community in Arizona.

By building an active, engaged publishing community, ABC will be supporting founding organization Anthology, inc's mission to promote the literary arts.

Participation is open to any author, publisher of any size or business that supports publishing through any of our four levels of support.


That means that not all of the features are currently live, and that not all of the activities have been initiated. To know the progress of the site, please visit the Arizona Book Coalition Page in the community section for news updates and  and the News menu area for an update on features as they are activated.

Be Read

One of our locally focused cooperative marketing across multiple channels will be sure to put your work in front of the eyes that ultimately buy, and read, your work.

Be Heard

Our annual congress gives you the opportunity to share your vision of the future of publishing in Arizona. From many voices, ABC derived a unifying message that grows opportunity and, ultimatley, the publishing market, in Arizona.

Be Recognized

Annually, we recognize the best of the industry.

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Building a Digital & In-Person Community

With an online presence focused on the book industry and avid readers as well as the support of non profit Anthology, inc., the Arizona Book Coalition focuses on helping create a more vibrant literary interaction. As a member, use the Community section to promote your work and appearences. As a reader, find a new favorite author among the community.


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Community Stream

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