ABC Top 10 Chart: June 2021

 This Month Last Month Change Book Title/Publisher Name, Author Genre Formats reported
 1   -
The Healer's Legacy Fantasy eBook/Audio/Paperback/Hardbound
 Brick Cave Books/Sharon Skinner
 2   -
 +0  The Matriarch's Devise Fantasy eBook/Audio/Paperback 
 Brick Cave Books/Sharon Skinner
 3   -
 +0  The Exile's Gift Fantasy  eBook/Paperback 
 Brick Cave Books/Sharon Skinner
 4   -
 +0  The Warden's Legacy Fantasy   eBook/Paperback/Hardbound    
 Brick Cave Books/J.A. Giunta
 +0 Prince and Little Weird Black Noy Gods  Essays  eBook/Paperback
Brick Cave Books/Scott Woods
 6  -
 +0  Platinum Magic Fantasy   eBook/Audio/Paperback/Hardbound
 Brick Cave Books/Bruce Davis
 7  -
 +0  Gold Magic  Fantasy  eBook/Paperback
 Brick Cave Books/Bruce Davis
 8  -
 +0  Out of the Dark  Fantasy  eBook/Paperback
Brick Cave Books/J.A. Giunta
 9  -
 +0  LeTour de Paris   Science Fiction   eBook
 Brick Cave Books/Sharon Skinner-Bob Nelson
 10  -
 +0  The Experiment Known As Rose Marie Hernandez Willamson   Science Fiction   eBook/Paperback
 Brick Cave Books/Louise Robertson


The ABC Top 10 or 25 Chart is a non scientific polling of Arizona Book Club Members and their sales conducted monthly. The chart, and the information it portrays are subject to the accuracy of the data provided by members. Arizona Book Coalition, Anthology, inc. are not able to verify the authenticity of tha data provided.