An Author Level membership is a way for Arizona based Authors that are either self published or published by a press or publisher to add a new level of promotion to their efforts.

Membership Cost

Membership is $50 annually for Author Level membership

Who can Join

The Author must be verified as based in Arizona more than 50% of their residency time each calendar year.

Who It's Best For?

This membership is best for:

  • The Arizona based self published author, regardless of the number of titles they have published.
  • The Arizona based author that has been published with a 3rd party.

This membership allows them to both build a community with the Arizona Book Coalition framework, and have a say in the future of developing the awareness of the publishing community in Arizona.

Website Privaledges

Author Level members can log in to the site and perform the following activities.

  • Custom Login- Author Level member have their own logins, and are able to login to the site and create a custom profile.
  • Create and post to Group Discussions- Author level members are able to participate in groups. They are also able to create new discussion groups around toipics of their choosing provided those topics do not violate the ABC Terms of Service.
  • Respond to posts on Pages- Author Level members are able to post responses to Pages. They are not abloe to create their own pages.
  • Create and RSVP for Events- Author Level members are able to RSVP for and interact with Events. They are also able to create new events.
  • Post Pictures- Author Level members are able to post pictures on their profile, or in discussions
  • Link Videos- Author level members are able to link to videos in posts, in groups or on pages.

Additional Benefits

Author Level members receive a number of additional benefits

Coopertive Promotional Opportunities

Members at this level are provided access to tools and services designed to promote them as authors as well as their published works. Cooperative mailings, award opportunities and more.

Event participation Discounts

As a ABC member, Authors are provided discount participation rates in Anthology, inc. facilitated events, such as the Mesa Book Festival, Roadside Book festival and others.


Author members are invited to the discussion about moving the Arizona publishing industry forward via an annual congress.


ABC Member Events Calendar

Community Stream

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